Platos Academy - The City and the Citizen

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The Athens of Plato and Aristotle. Places steeped in history, and individuals of world renown who have left their mark on science and culture, not merely parts of our shared historical memory, but places and persons who have shared in laying the foundations of European and global civilisation. They are also identified with the enduring values of education, democracy, the cultivation of personality and participation in public life and they possess the power to refresh and revive the aspirations and ambitions of the society of our time.

The project gives priority to encouraging human activity and raising awareness on participation of citizens in education and social networking activities.

The specific objectives of the project involve:

  • highlighting and forging links between history and the life of contemporary Athens
  • promoting the value of the humanities and emphasising their importance in our national development
  • demonstrating the power of our past in shaping our future


Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Ε.Κ.Π.Α

The Onassis Cultural Centre - Civil Non-profit Partnership  

The Foundation of the Hellenic World

Sub-projects implemented by I.NE.DI.VI.M.

The Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (I.ΝΕ.ΔΙ.ΒΙ.Μ.) develops programmes which aim at fostering entrepreneurial culture, education and skills, as well as supporting business creation in the field of culture. These programmes concern specific target groups, are being implemented in the area of Akadimia Platonos and will be offered in the guise of  both formal (seminars, lectures, workshops, etc.) and less formal (discussion fora, experiental exercises, etc.) education.

More precisely, I.NE.DI.VI.M. implements the following sub-projects:

Sub-project 7 Educational programmes of short duration on issues of social economy, developmental utilisation of culture and urban environment”

The Sub-project targets the following professional groups:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs/self-employed entrepreneurs
  • Young entrepreneurs/self-employed entrepreneurs 
  • Active (established) entrepreneurs
  • Employees
  • Unemployed

Actions of Sub-project 7:

Action 1: Educational programmes of short duration on issues of social economy, developmental utilisation of culture and urban environment

1) Organisation of entrepreneurship awareness and inspiration workshops

2) Organisation of entrepreneurial education programmes (thematic seminars)

3) Entrepreneurial skills development workshops

Action 2: Setting up a Business Support Centre (Κ.Ε.Υ.)

The Business Support Centre functions as a contact point for young, aspiring entrepreneurs. The staff of the Centre provides information and specialised advisory support services to young (would-be) entrepreneurs.

The Business Support Centre intends to cover the following areas: (1) Information, (2) Support - Consulting - Mentoring and (3) Networking, which constitute three of the targeted interventions of the European Social Fund to strengthen youth entrepreneurship.

Sub-project 8 Young Peoples Symposium

Within the framework of the action 8, the objective is to organise an one-day World Conference, in which they will be invited forty participants, as representatives of foreign institutions. These participants are experienced in matters of social entrepreneurship and will prove useful in developing a think tank concerning the Social Economy actions, which currently leverage our country.

Furthermore, there will be an exchange of views and specific workshops, while educational material, specialised guides and promotional leaflets about the Conference and its results will be released.

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Business Support Centre (K.E.Y.):

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Central Secretariat of the programme

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