Lifelong Learning Centres

Programmes at National & Local Level ΑΠ7 & ΑΠ8

Who can take part?

The programme focuses on the Lifelong Learning and Education of individuals, irrespective of age. It aims to promote a positive attitude to learning, ensure equal access to education, use the leisure time in a creative way, enhance access to labour market and finally, integrate or re-integrate into the education process any adult, which for any reason he/she has not completed the compulsory education cycle.

In accordance with the principles of equal opportunities and nondiscrimination, the educational programmes provided by the Lifelong Learning Centres benefit every adult, irrespective of gender, educational level, country of origin, religion, country of residence, whether unemployed or employee, young, student, etc. The sole condition is to be driven by a desire to learn and to actively get involved.

The independent learning classes for socially vulnerable groups (Roma, prisoners, migrants-repatriated immigrants, people with disabilities, Muslim minority) promote their equal integration into the contemporary society.

Establishment and functioning of Lifelong Learning Centres at Municipalities

Lifelong Learning Centres (Κ.Δ.Β.Μ.) can be established and function at Municipalities upon request, in which educational programmes of General Adult Education, as well as activities at National and Local Level will be implemented.

Subject areas & Academic disciplines

The Programmes at National Level selected by the Municipalities reflect the National and EU policies on Adult Lifelong Learning areas, such as:

  • Economy-Business
  • Quality of life-Environment
  • New Technologies
  • Language and Communication
  • Social Skills and Activities
  • Culture and Art
  • Programmes for Socially Vulnerable Groups

How to take part?

Detailed information on the courses and the registration process is provided by the local Municipalities. For more information, please visit the Lifelong Learning Centres’ portal, at

The Programmes at Local Level are subject of proposal by the Municipalities, in order to meet the local needs and promote the financial, social, cultural and personal development of the citizens.

The programme Lifelong Learning Centres - Programmes at National and Local Level ΑΠ7 & ΑΠ8 forms part of the Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning” of the Ministry of  Education, Research and Religious Affairs and it is co-funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and National Funds.