In 2015, for the second time in a row, Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation implements a national youth entrepreneurship and innovation competition called Ideatree.

The competition is implemented with own funds and is realized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs.

The objectives of the competition:

  1. The creation of an integrated business acceleration program in Greece.
  2. The enhancement and promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and openness to the country’s young people
  3. The promotion of research, innovation and openness, in terms of upgrading competitiveness
  4. The encouragement of business start-ups in sectors of high added value and innovation.

The thematic areas of the competition are in line with the sectors of the Greek economy, which may contribute to the future growth and competitiveness of the national innovation.

The business ideas are assessed by a group of external evaluators of recognized standing and experience.

The awards of the best business ideas include financial support, hosting in the leading co-working spaces which currently operate in Greece, scholarships for educational programmes and seminars, gadgets etc.