Schools for Parents

The purpose of the project “Schools for Parents” is to train and support every mother and father, so that they will be able to successfully meet the challenges of their complex and difficult task, within the framework of the contemporary socio-economic conditions. The programmes implemented are developed by specialised scientists (psychologists, doctors, social workers etc.) providing the parents, the family and school environment with knowledge and food for thought.

In more detail, the project aims to:

  • Improve communication within the family
  • Enhance the knowledge of the parents regarding the mental, social and spiritual needs of their children, during each stage of their development
  • Develop competences regarding the early diagnosis and treatment of difficult behaviour of their children
  • Encourage parental involvement in school activities and promote collaboration with the teachers
  • Acquire particular skills, through which the parents will be able to help their children cope with the demands of the nursery, primary and secondary school
  • Inform the parents about health education issues concerning themselves and their children
  • Inform the parents about sex education, depending on their children’s age
  • Inform the parents about internet monitoring and safety tools against the dangers of the web and suggest ways of its rational use
  • Provide counselling and health education to families belonging to socially vulnerable groups, so as to be aware of their child’s needs and sensitivity  during each stage of a healthy development
  • Inform and provide psychological care to families raising persons with disabilities

The project “Schools for Parents” implements 6 educational programmes:

1. Contemporary Family - 50 hours

2. Connection between school and family - 50 hours

3. Proper use of leisure time of children in informal learning environments - 25 hours

4. Counselling on specialised issues (school bullying, internet, prevention of dependencies, nutrition etc.) - 25 hours

5. Counselling of socially vulnerable groups - 25 hours

6. Sports and nutrition - 25 hours

The main topics, which include experiental exercises in class during the programmes above, are the following:

  • Family and school
  • Safe internet
  • Issues concerning socially vulnerable groups - racism
  • Bullying - school violence
  • Dependencies: smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. (in collaboration with the 74 Prevention Centres of OKANA)
  • Health education (oral hygiene, accidents, microorganisms, hand-respiratory hygiene, meningitis, etc.)
  • Sex education/self-awareness
  • Environmental education - ecology
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • HIV/AIDS - prevention methods
  • Vaccines - rational use of antibiotics
  • Sports and nutrition

The Programme forms part of the Operational Programme Education and Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of Education,Research and Religious Affairs and it is co-funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and National Funding.

Who can apply?

The programme is targeted at parents of children irrespective of origin, age and education, parents of persons with disabilities, teachers, elderly people, socially vulnerable groups and future parents.

The project Schools for Parentsis implemented by the 58 Schools for Parents, which operate in every regional unit of the country.

Contact us

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