Restart Greece

Two-day Free Seminar

on Kick-starting Entrepreneurship in Greece

Restart Greece constitutes an action of the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (I.NE.ΔI.ΒI.M.) organised in various regions of Greece. The seminar lecturers are chosen based on their knowledge of specialised market issues, the local needs and specificities.

Lecturers with significant knowledge and experience, University professors, highly qualified market executives and members of professional Chambers give practical advice on financing, the right set-up, as well as the development of a business. They also advise on proper use of technology, as well as on the dangers and opportunities that come along with the smart management.

The seminar concerns individuals with innovative business ideas, unemployed people or students who are about to enter the labour market and entrepreneurs who seek ways to develop their existing business.

New ideas, a methodical approach and especially being informed on practical issues, the right tools and the solutions available, are necessary for relaunching the economy.

Restart Greece aims to provide information on critical and practical business issues and how to deal with them, as well as to encourage the entrepreneurship.

A certificate of attendance is provided by the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation.

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