More information about the programme

The general objective of the transnational partnership MASS was to enhance the quality systems of vocational education and training, in order to increase the prospects of youth employment, given the high rate of youth unemployment, which is recorded massthroughout the European Union.

The programme was attended by educational institutions which provide vocational education and training in the following European countries: United Kingdom, Sweden, Greece, Romania and The Netherlands.

ANGUS COLLEGE from United Kingdom was the coordinator of this European transnational programme. Regarding Greece, the final beneficiary was the Second Chance School of Neapolis, Thessaloniki.

The target group was young people from the European Union, who had previously rejected every available, conventional, educational opportunities.

The innovative approach of the Programme was based on pedagogical concepts and practices, as well as on the consideration of the educational experience as an opportunity  for personality development.

The principal axes of the Programme included:

  1. Tailor-made learning plans, which were drawn up after personal negotiation with the interested parties.
  2. Shaping personal and social development, through defined objectives
  3. Assistance in personal development plans
  4. Innovative Educational Methods, which included a variety of techniques, as well as distance education
  5. Certified Assessment of all of the above

For more information about the results of the programme: www.mass-project.org/

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