EQAVET Malta – Quality Assurance Tool for Vocational Education and Training Institutions

Aims and Objectives

The main aims and objectives of the project are the following –

  • to review quality assurance standards in a number of local VET institutions and to compare these to those indicated in the EQARF
  • to pilot an exercise in aligning existing Quality Assurance system to the standards as indicated in the EQARF
  • to develop a manual which VET institutions can use to first review their existing Quality Assurance system, and then to implement changes which will ensure alignment with the EQARF standards
  • to raise awareness among local IVET and CVET training providers, as well as for VET provision within compulsory education of the importance of Quality Assurance as well as the European standards developed and identified with EQARF.


This project will include both IVET and CVET institutions in both the state and private sector. All institution varieties are included in order to ensure that the manual – Quality Assurance Tool for VET institutions – will apply to all possible types of VET training providers, irrelevant of the level of training which they offer. In fact, one also finds that different sectors are also included, these being mainly Agribusiness, Art and Design, Mechanical Engineering, Tourism Studies, as well as trades and basic skills for the unemployed, as well as in ICT.

The scope of the project thus is to have the exercise of developing a tool for implementing EQARF which is flexible and versatile enough that thorough testing in such a wide variety of sectors as well as levels of training provision can be applied to a wide range of VET institutions. This generic tool, the Quality Assurance Tool for VET institutions can thus be the main tool which the coordinator, the Malta Qualifications Council, will promote as ‘the’ tool to be used to obtain the accreditation of institutions on a national level as well as mutual trust with other similar VET training institutions across Europe.        


This project will produce both an insight into how EQARF can be implemented in practice within the national context as well as to develop a tool to use by VET training providers for its implementation. The outputs of the project include the following –

  • A review of the level and quality of existing quality assurance systems in a number of local VET institutions. This will provide some insight into the existing problems and challenges which Malta faces with respect to the implementation of EQARF
  • A review of the main strengths and weaknesses of a number of current VET training institutions in terms of quality assurance standards
  • dissemination about the importance of quality assurance in the VET sector as well as the indicators and standards involved in EQARF with the main VET providers in Malta at both IVET and CVET level; and
  • The development of a manual, the Quality Assurance Tool for VET institutions for use by local, and potentially also other European VET providers in the exercise of aligning themselves with the EQARF.

Information : 213-1314552, 213-1314421

Email : eqavet@ein.gr

links : http://www.eqavetmalta.org.mt