Development Partnership TECHNIMA (Artefact)

More information about the programme

The project aims to select, train and prepare unemployed persons in order to constitute an effective source of workforce and additional viable businesses, which will cover the whole sector of traditional folk art.

The project will provide training in the following fields:

  • production of artistic, ceramic, decorative and practical artefacts (design, selection of the raw materials, shaping, firing, decoration)
  • production of decorative, metal artefacts, including sculptures (design, selection of the raw materials, moulding, decoration)
  • production of woodcuts (design, selection of the raw materials, shaping, decoration, pyrography, etc.)
  • merchandising folk art products

The Development Partnership “TECHNIMA” will support 82 persons through this act, which will be implemented in the Region of Attica. The beneficiaries will be encouraged to choose a viable professional occupation after proper training, business counselling, and an innovative approach in designing, producing and promoting their products. This occupation will be competitive under the current economy and market conditions and will support the valuable sector of traditional folk art within the Region of Attica.

The budget of the Development Partnership “Technima” is €410,000 and it aims to create jobs in businesses producing artistic, ceramic, decorative and practical artefacts, as well as decorative metal products, including sculptures and woodcuts.

The project is being implemented according to the invitation with Ref. No. 2399-3/7/2012 (invitation code 40) of the Intermediary Managing Authority - Region of Attica, under the  Action 7, of the Intervention Category 1: Interim employment policies, of the Priority Thematic Priority Axis 8: Facilitating access to employment in the 3 Phasing-out Regions within the operational programme “Human Resources Development 2007-2013”, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF).


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