Development Partnership Syn-epiheirein stin Attiki (Co-operative business in Attica)

More information about the programme

The main idea of the proposed act is to combine the experience and knowledge of actors dealing with basic and necessary components against unemployment (entrepreneurship, social actors, technology, training, consulting, lifelong learning, youth) in order to develop a social economy business model.

The project aims to activate and mobilise the local actors, so as to ensure job creation for unemployed, socially vulnerable groups, based on early identification of specific local needs, highlighting the growth potential in the intervention area.

More precisely, the act description is as follows: “Developing Social Economy for the support and comprehensive integration of socially vulnerable groups in Attica”, which is being implemented within the framework of Action 3: “Local Actions for Integrating Socially Vulnerable Groups” of the Intervention Category 1: “Preventing and tackling social exclusion of socially vulnerable groups” of the Thematic Priority Axis 4: “Full integration of all human resources in an equal opportunities society” within the operational programme “Human Resources Development 2007-2013”, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF). 


  • Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation
  • Development and Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Athens Development and Destination Management Agency
  • City of Athens Vocational Training Centre
  • Non-Profit and Non Governmental Organization “four ELEMENTS”
  • Lifelong Professional Training Centre “EPIMORPHOSI”
  • Th. Alexandridis & Co. L.P.

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Coordinating Partner: Development and Entrepreneurship Centre (KE.A.EΠ.)


For I.NE.DI.VI.M.:

Lentzas Filippos - Development Partnership Board Member

Phone: 213-1314562


Tsolakidou Evaggelia - Development Partnership Alternate Board Member

Phone: 213-1314541