The Student Halls of Residence aim to facilitate the students, providing them with better living conditions during their studies. The overall purpose is to support the disadvantaged young men and women, supplying them with food and accommodation within the Student Halls of Residence.

The aim of the unit is to study and manage issues related to pupil and student welfare.

The responsibilities of the Department of Infrastructure and Structure planning are the following:

Assessment and mapping of the existing student welfare system.

Planning of actions which provide educational care services and coverage of operational needs of the Institution, both in buildings of Higher Educational Institutes - A.E.I., or Technological Educational Institutes - T.E.I. and in private buildings.

Planning, modelling, and monitoring of student welfare structures.

Design and management of programmes concerning student welfare, based on the needs of individuals or social groups which require special treatment.

Planning of actions regarding the procurement of Lifelong Learning structures (Second Chance Schools etc.) - Student Halls of Residence - Student Centres with mobile equipment.